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History Workshops are now available


It is particularly rewarding if they are based on our current productions. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that workshops be booked in conjunction with one or more of our plays.

Each workshop is of one hour’s duration when booked in conjunction with one of our plays, and to be fully effective should be limited to no more than, say, 35 children.

At all times the actors oversee, assist and encourage ensuring that every child is fully involved. Fees are £100 each when booked in conjunction with one or more plays. If booked in isolation they are by negotiation.

  • Infant Workshops
    Designed for 2-5 years, follows on from a performance.
  • Junior Workshops
    Designed for 5-11 years and tailored depending on the chosen production
  • History and Themed Workshops Take a look at our SPECIAL OFFERS for some examples
  • Following the success of our most recent production Timeline History Workshops can be performed independently of a production

Infant Workshops

Initially there will be a warm-up programme with several theatre games to exercise and energise the mind and body. This will be followed by the main workshop, which is designed to develop listening and creative skills. The children will be encouraged to either work alone or in small groups, dependent on their age, maturity and drama experience. The workshop is designed to focus on specific features of the play they have seen.

For example:

In Billy Beware! safety and imagination are the principle issues.
In The Hare & the Tortoise, friendship and morals.
In The Gingerbread Man, animals and awareness.
In Not Such an Ugly Duckling, bullying

Through the use of repetition and visual stimulus the children are encouraged to think for themselves and create and develop scenes or characters. Movement, mime and interactivity all play an important part. The workshop concludes with the opportunity to question the actors, either specifically on their performances, or in a more general manner.

Whilst it is particularly rewarding if they are based on our current productions, we also offer "stand alone" Drama Workshops. These are usually based on children's stories by well known authors. Works by C.S.Lewis, Roald Dahl and Lewis Carroll are very popular choices.

Junior Workshops

There will be a warm-up programme with theatre games culminating in a run-around to create small random groups in which they will remain. Storyboard sheets will be distributed to each group.

The workshops also contain an element which has been devised to accompany the different plays:

Those who see the Story of Aesop’s Fables will be given a list of morals and asked to select one, but not disclose it to the other groups. They will be asked to create a short sketch to demonstrate the particular moral.

Those who see Henry VIII, will be encouraged to develop characters drawing from the play and curriculum activities and depict a short scene illustrating life during the Tudor period.

Storyboard sheets will also be used for those who have seen Search for the Lost Tomb, and again they will be encouraged to develop characters and depict a short scene illustrating life during Ancient Egypt, drawing from the play and curriculum activities.

A similar approach will apply with any of our other productions.

At all times the emphasis will be on working closely with other members of the group and recognising that each has an important part to play. When the groups have rehearsed their playlets they will be performed to the others, and will receive comment and advice from the actors. A short discussion will then ensue with the opportunity to question and recap on what they have learned.

History and Study Subject Workshops

The History and Study Subject Workshops are for children of both infant and junior ages. They can be conducted either in conjunction with any of our plays, or as individual Workshops based on any chosen subject or period or character in history. Examples are Stone Iron and Bronze Age, Castles and Knights, Vikings, Tudors, Elizabethans, Georgian, Victorian, Shakespeare, Dickens, Plague, Great Fire of London: even the Wars or Modern Britain. It is entirely your choice.

Every Workshop that is not based on one of our plays will be introduced by an actor in costume to give an insight into the subject or period, and create the atmosphere.

In small groups of 4 or 5, the children will then be assisted and encouraged in creating and rehearsing short pieces that they will perform to the other groups.

As with all our Workshops, the emphasis will be on developing, watching, listening and creative skills, and the ability to work together.

We will include a brief "warm up" period and a short theatre game to ensure the children are in random mixed groups, and that they all participate.

Each Workshop will be of approximately 70/75 minutes duration and is suitable for one class of up to 35 children.

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