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Children's Party Entertainment

Owing to the number of enquiries for performances at private parties, Aesop's would like to announce that we are now taking bookings. The shows are tailored to suit a young audience and have proved to be very popular, particularly as they have a strong educational element without losing any of their entertainment value. Our productions are interactive with the children and provide a perfect complement to the general fun and games.

With great sets, costumes, props and songs the shows are a lively mix which even the older children (the over 21's!!!) will appreciate. Choose from one of our plays below for a party your child will never forget.

You may even wish to take it a step further by adding a fun filled Drama Workshop. Our experience has shown children really enjoy acting, and here they will have a perfect opportunity to express themselves in the company of friends on a very special and memorable day.

With the addition of a Drama Workshop we will be providing a full two hours of entertainment, taking all the strain and relieving you of the stress.

Call today for a quote. Use our Children's Party Planner Checklist to help harassed mums and desperate dads create a perfect party for their kids. Lots of useful advice, including let us take the strain!

Tel: 01483 724633 or try the Mobile: 07836 731872.

Children's Party Checklist

3-4 weeks before your party

  1. Choose your theme and/or contact us to discuss your requirements. Remember to contact Aesop's before you settle on a date. There is nothing worse than choosing us as the perfect performers for your party only to discover that we are not available on the day you had planned. So if you are thinking about using us call to check dates.
  2. Create your guest list. Think about inviting friends at daycare, school or neighbour's children and close relatives
  3. Select your party date and time. Parties range from an hour to two and a half hours long depending on children's ages
  4. Send out your invitations. Always ask guests to RSVP ASAP to get an estimate of how many children to expect. Include helpful directions and a simple map with your invitations. You may want to hang some balloons up outside your house or venue so that guests can spot it easily

2-3 weeks before your party

  1. Order all of your party supplies, decorations, party favours, activities and prizes for games. Ensure you cater for the adults too!
  2. If it is not a surprise party chat with your child and decide on activities and games to play
  3. Consider the age range of the children attending your party and plan games and activities to suit. Plan more games than you expect to use in case you run out of activities before the party is over
  4. Plan your menu. Think about potential allergies or food intolerances, daycare may help you with this, try to avoid known sensitivities i.e. peanuts, unless you are certain this will not cause a problem
  5. Arrange for a little extra help on the party day from friends or relatives or other adults attending. Remember you are in charge of the party, who will be in charge of your children?

1 week before the party

  1. Order cake from a bakery if you are not baking your own. Depending on the size of the party you may have to order this prior to 1 week. If you are going to bake your own cake do it now and freeze it. This gives you time to remake it should there be any mishaps
  2. Make any other dishes that can be prepared ahead of time, ensure correct storage of food i.e. freezer
  3. It may seem a little too organised but trust us, write out a final schedule of activities for the party, then pin it in a prominent place at the party venue on party day. That way everyone knows what is happening when, and the party will run smoother, without interruptions for nappy changes, nap times etc...
  4. Confirm any orders placed for catering, cakes and party supplies
  5. Let siblings invite a special friend over for the day so they will not feel left out. They can either play apart from the party, or join in but allow for supervision. Or why not make them extra special guests for the party and get them to help?

2-3 days before the party

  1. Buy any remaining food for the party. Buy film and/or videotape. Recharge batteries for the camera and/or camcorder
  2. Make sure at this point you have an exact guest count. Call all those children who have not responded
  3. Arrange to have party bags to give guests as they leave. It is fun to have each child go home with a piece of cake and some treats

1 day before the party

  1. Finish decorating the cake, or pick up the cake from the bakery
  2. Make sure you have plenty of candles and matches or a gas lighter
  3. Child-proof the party area and allow enough space for us to perform, we will advise you as to what we require
  4. Decorate any indoor areas, save outdoor decorating for the day of the party. If you are planning an outdoor party have a back-up plan should the weather turn inclement
  5. Prepare all food that can be made ahead of time

Party day

  1. Pick up any last minute supplies
  2. If you are not sure about any aspect of the party then please talk to us, after all we do many children's shows a year and we are happy to help
  3. Prepare all food and beverages that could not be made ahead of time
  4. Take plenty of pictures and videos to commemorate this special day
  5. Put up balloons outside to alert guests as to where the party is
  6. Enjoy! If things do not go exactly as planned then worry not, your child will still have a special day, and we hope that our performance will help to make it a day they will remember for a long, long time

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