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Special Offers



A selection of our current Special Offers. Please use the form on the right for more information.

Always remember if you have a Tight Budget?

The children come first so ask for a special deal. We will not be beaten on price.

Stone, Bronze & Iron Ages

Ask about our interactive presentations and workshops that meet the New Curriculum Recommendations.

Primary with less than 75 children?

Book any play for one key stage and have any other play free for the other key stage in the same morning.

Transition Workshops

We now offer interactive workshops for year 6 in the junior school, or year 7 as they enrol as seniors.

World War I & II Workshops

We have designed new interactive workshops for primary and secondary schools.

Ancient Greeks, Romans, Vikings, Saxons etc.

We conduct fully interactive Drama Workshops for all ages with introductions by costumed actors and student role-play.

Great Fire Of London and/or The Black Death (Plague)

Participatory Drama Workshops introduced by costumed actors that enhance the learning process.


Lifestyle Choices, Healthy Eating, Sport and Physical Wellbeing. We offer DRAMA WORKSHOPS with ROLE-PLAY highlighting and encompassing the many aspects associated with this subject.  

Themed Workshops 

Choose any subject, period in history or famous character or author  and we will create an interactive workshop specifically designed for your studies;
say, Victorian or Georgian Times, or possibly the Environment and Ecology, or even Smugglers, Pirates & Highwaymen, possibly Beatrix Potter, maybe Lewis Carroll, C S Lewis, Roald Dahl. It is entirely your choice, and we will rise to it.

Summer Specials for Primaries

Book any play for the Summer Term and have Any Second One at Half Price in the same morning. Perhaps one for the INFANTS and one for the JUNIORS

Special Offers for Infants and Juniors

Book any play for the Summer Term and have Any Second One at Half Price in the same morning.

Contact us TODAY! to make use of our latest offers.